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5 Ways To Give Without Buying


Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual being?  Loaded question, I know.  But, an important one, nonetheless.  I realize that for a lot of people, “spiritual” may equate to the word “religious.”  And, that’s great.  In my heart, however, I consider myself to be a spiritual being in a physical world. I am connected to this idea of “spirituality” and I embrace it.  

One of my favorite spiritual thinkers and doers is Deepak Chopra.  I’ve read, and continue to read, a number of his books because he has a lot to say that’s truly inspirational.  Obviously, Deepak is known the world over and is chock full of wisdom of all kinds. One suggestion, though, that he’s made again and again has definitely stood out for me this holiday season.  

Deepak said to always bring a gift when you are greeting or visiting others. He emphasized that these gifts can cost nothing and it’s the gesture (and energy) of them that really counts.  This made me wonder: How could we give this holiday season without buying?  Is it possible?

With these questions in mind, I developed an initial list to get the ball rolling…

  1. Share a smile or a compliment
  2. Sing a song or read aloud for others
  3. Help out with meals, clean up or run an errand
  4. Craft a centerpiece or ornament using natural materials
  5. Listen closely and tell someone how much you enjoyed the conversation

These are just a few ways to bring a gift that costs nothing.  I know there have to be many, many more. What ideas do you have for giving without buying?  I’d love to hear them.  Share your ideas in the comments below!  

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