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5 Reasons Why I’m Starting My Own Sustainable Fashion Brand


Every moment is an opportunity to start anew. This is an idea that I picked up when I began meditating over 10 years ago. It was particularly useful when my mind would wander down a rabbit hole while I was sitting cross-legged in my living room with my eyes closed. I’d gently, or sometimes not so gently, tell myself to return to my breath and “start again” to still my mind. This exercise confirmed for me that it was okay to start again and move forward.

Right now, I am seizing this very moment in my life to start something new. I’m leaving behind my doubts and striking out in the direction of my vision. To some, it probably doesn’t seem like a particularly good time to take a risk or to start a business, least of all a sustainable fashion brand. And yet, when I look myself in the mirror and ask, “Is this what you want to do, need to do, must do?” I always look right back and reply, “Yes, and here’s why,”…

It’s in my blood. Simply put, I have an enduring passion for fashion and the arts. My mother, who descended from a long line of fashionable French-Canadian women, taught me to sew at a young age and introduced me to antiques, crafts and painting. I earned a college degree in Art History before following in my mother’s career footsteps to become a teacher. All the while, my interest in clothing and design never waned.

I’m obsessed with fabrics, fit and fine details. I cannot get enough of the look, feel and potential of every single fabric I have collected and used over the years. As an adult, I’ve dedicated my time and money to traveling the world to breathe in “street style” and to attend major fashion shows and exhibitions. I’m excited to bring my customers along on this journey, which goes beyond the “material” aspect of clothing and gets much closer to the heart of human nature.

I can help forge a solution for our planet. Sustainable fashion is en vogue now, but over 14 years ago when I upcycled gently-used and vintage fabrics into new styles, it was not quite “all the rage.” I’ve championed our planet since childhood, and I am eager to be an advocate for accountability and innovation in this industry. As a long-time educator, I am well-positioned to teach others about the critical environmental and ethical issues within the fashion industry.

I can be of service. It’s not enough for me to create a brand simply to promote an aesthetic or a lifestyle. I am committed to working with people, employing them and providing them with opportunity. For me, building a sustainable brand goes hand in hand with supporting the needs of people and protecting our planet, including its animals and vital natural resources.

I can inspire. I believe that our world needs beautiful, timeless and versatile clothing to inspire us and to move our thinking forward. One could argue that we need to be inspired and uplifted more than ever. I want people to feel like they can elevate, evolve and enjoy their worlds when they are wearing my designs.

With all of these motivations in mind, I am launching KAUTE, a USA-made brand that will equally celebrate sustainability and high style.

Sign up HERE to get a preview of our designs and to see when we will launch!

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  1. Gretchen Sloan

    Git it, Kathleen!
    I’d love to see some of your designs!

    • KAUTE

      Thank you, Gretch! I will continue to release some photos here soon. Excited to show you what’s in store!


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