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4 Ways to Sustainably Wrap Gifts


We all know that, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Right? Right! This maxim was emphasized over and over again to us when we were children. And, still I find it an inspirational idea to live by.

But, I do have one exception to this rule — I’m obsessed with beautifully and sustainably wrapping gifts! I enjoy creating something that is special and truly is the “whole package.”  Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday or a housewarming, I’m into how the gift is presented. Martha Stewart, please step aside!

Thankfully, there are many different ways to beautifully wrap gifts using sustainable materials. Try mixing and matching some of the options suggested here. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Hint: To get started, you can always re-use wrappings from gifts you’ve received in the past 🙂

1. Use recyclable or biodegradable wrapping paper and tape

There are many options out there now for eco-friendly paper and tape. Visit a local store or Michaels, Target, Walmart and others for these supplies.  

2. Use other kinds of recyclable paper or materials

Employ what already exists in your home or office. White paper, kraft paper, newspaper, phonebooks, magazines, aluminum foil and miscellaneous boxes. All of these are ripe for decoration with colored pencils, markers, paint, stamps, stencils, stickers and more.  

3. Use fabric from your stash

Securing a piece of fabric with a ribbon or a thin piece of fabric is an easy way to wrap.  All fabric is fair game, including fine fabrics or recently retired sheets or clothing.  

4. Use natural ribbons and flourishes

Fabric strips, strong reeds, yarn and the like can be handy, as can thin, recyclable metal wire. Ditch shiny bows in favor of more natural options like bark, herbs, sprigs, pebbles, pinecones, shells, cinnamon sticks and edibles like candy, chocolate and fruits.   

Which idea(s) may make it onto your list?  Or, let us know other ways that you already sustainably wrap!   

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